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Linda Emblem

Yoga Instructor
CYA- RYT 200


The reasons that people come to yoga are as numerous and varied as the people themselves. The one unified outcome is that as a result of coming onto our mats, we all feel good that we did. In the past 10 years and even more recently in the last 7 years (as a result of being introduced to “hot yoga”), yoga has become more than just a physical practice of postures or asanas for me. I have discovered, learned and integrated the meaning of yoga into my life. The term 'yoga' is derived from the literary meaning of “yoking together a span of horses or oxen”. Today, the term can be applied to yoking mind, body and spirit. My own personal daily practice expanded my curiosity to know more and understand why I felt the way I felt. I soon realized there was no better way to fully immerse myself in yoga than to attend a Teacher’s Training. In 2012, I registered for my RYT200 Teacher’s Training in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I enjoy teaching Vinyasa, Hatha flow, Restorative and Yin, paying particular attention to alignment and breath. It’s important to me that my students have a positive experience, feel encouraged, yet challenged and look forward to coming back to their mats! The “yoking” of my professional coaching skills and my ability to now guide students of all ages, shapes and sizes in their yoga practice was a natural fit. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Kinetic Yoga Team.

Linda Emblem is currently not instructing any classes.