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Christina Drew


M.Sc.PT , B.Sc.KIN
Registered Physiotherapist

A.R.T certified, STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Baptiste Power Yoga Cert.

Yoga Instructor


At age 9, I was introduced to soccer and fell in love and by 15 I was on the starting squad for the U-18 Team Ontario. I was scouted by several teams from the United States of America, and chose to attend Georgia Southern University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During my soccer career I sustained 3 ACL repairs and 3 concussions, which forced me to put my soccer career on hold. I turned my attention to Physiotherapy after that, having always dreamed of becoming a Physiotherapist. The combination of learning the intricacies of the human body, injuries and how to rehabilitate them, as well as optimizing athletes performance abilities, was and continues to be my passion. I attended McMaster University from 2005-2007 and received my Master of Science in Physiotherapy. I went on to expand my knowledge of treatment options by getting certified in STOTT Pilates, Active Release Technique, Manual Therapy, Baptiste Power Yoga, ktape and custom bracing. After extensive research and personal experience, I created a neuromuscular warm-up to prevent ACL injuries in female soccer players. I am also the founder of Kinetic Physio-Yoga Therapy (PYT) and Kinetic Physio-Pilates Therapy (PPT). I created the Kinetic PYT and PPT  programs because of my passion for preventing and healing injuries. These programs extend our therapy services beyond manual therapy, modalities, and exercise therapy. Being an athlete at heart with limiting injuries, I've turned to Pilates, yoga and cycling as a means of rehabilitation and wellness. I believe that any training regimen should include proper core activation and pelvic stabilization, and I look forward to passing this great experience off to all my clients!

Christina Drew is currently not instructing any classes.