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Holistic Wellness

"TOTAL TRANSFORMATION" ($1,250 + HST) 90 days

This is for those who are looking for an in-depth, inside-out transformation. Most slip-ups happen when no one is watching and I will personally coach during the 90 days.

Includes all the features of "Jump In" and me as your personal coach for 90-days dedicated to helping you along your journey to transformation.

  • Customized fitness program
  • Tailored meal plans (for 90 days)
  • Weekly check-ins (in-person) on progress, support, advice, questions, and encouragement!
  • Grocery store shopping (3 visits/1 per month)
  • Supplements and vitamins* (not include as depends on individual needs)




"JUMP IN"  ($450 + HST) 30 Days

All the features of the "Personal Overview Analysis" plus...

  • Customized workout program
  • Tailored meal plans
  • Weekly individual session (by telephone) on progress, support, advice, questions, and encouragement! 
  • Grocery store shopping with me (1 visit)



"PERSONAL OVERVIEW ANALYSIS" ($180 + HST / 1.5hrs) Single Consultation   

  • Personalized and customized review of medical and emotional history
  • Nutrient deficiency analysis
  • Review and prioritize goals for weight loss, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle
  • Clients receive a customized 7-day meal plan to support personal goals



This is a program designed to help couples reignite the health in the home. With meal plans, exercise and lifestyle protocols the road to health and boundless energy is right around the corner

  • Personal Overview Analysis- for each person
  • Hormonal Overview
  • A complete guide to digestive tract health
  • Fitness plan- beginner, advanced – trainer on referral
  • Lifestyle plans for true behavioural change
  • Safe Zoning your “ takeout and date nights”- learn where to go, how to order to stay on track with your weight-loss goals. 



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