Posture Workshop

Posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the always present force of gravity.  Whether sitting, standing, or laying down, gravity is exerting force on our joints, ligaments, and muscles.

 Posture affects how we look and how we feel.  Many postural changes can occur during a person’s lifetime.  Accidents, sports injuries, aging and our daily lives may influence the way a person stands and walks.  Pain and discomfort are common side effects of poor posture that are often overlooked and can lead to long-term health issues and degenerative conditions.

 Join Heather at Kinetic Physiotherapy for the upper body postural workshop. This informational workshop will cover simple and effective strategies to gain positional awareness to become upright, balanced, and highly functional! We will cover common issues related to posture, as well as give tips, exercises and stretches to prevent long-term injury.

March 27th

7pm - 8pm