About Kinetic Physiotherapy:

Kinetic Physiotherapy is a multi-disciplinary clinic, offering you first-rate quality care in your rehabilitation needs. Our therapists do not just treat the symptoms, but will also provide you with a holistic treatment plan with tools to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


At Kinetic Physiotherapy, we provide evidence based care to optimize our clients overall well-being, health, and performance. We customize all our programs to suit the individual’s lifestyle, sport, and desired outcome.

Our Story:

A message from our Owner Christina Drew:

In the world of therapy I felt that options had become limited. Having had to participate in a number of years of rehabilitative therapy during my competitive soccer days, I was left feeling like I was just a number and that my treatment plan was a "cookie cutter" approach. This left me with muscular imbalances that caused my strength and endurance to be less then it was before. Because of this experience I am passionate about offering a new kind of therapy practice and bringing our clients the best healing options available, all in one facility. Physiotherapy and its branches should be available to everyone; whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is just looking to bring ease of movement and health into your life.

Kinetic Physiotherapy provides a unique and personalized approach to rehabilitation. The clinic is a multi-disciplinary facility that strives to bring the most effective treatment options to our clients. Providing hands on and active treatment through Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage Therapy and specializing in a variety of techniques including Active Release Technique®, Functional Range Assessment®, Functional Range Release®, Functional Range Conditioning® Soft Tissue Release®, therapeutic taping and Physio-Yoga therapy. We offer reiki, a form of energetic healing where the practitioner channels energy to clear specific chakra points in your body. Offering a wide range of services allows the therapist to work with you to create a holistic plan unique to your needs and lifestyle.

Kinetic Physiotherapy prides itself for its quality of care and excellence for injury prevention. Active therapy is used in conjunction with manual therapy so that clients can maximize their movement potential. This complete care plan allows clients to fully recover from their injury and prevent reoccurrence.

All of our therapists and instructors regularly attend continuing education seminars and courses to keep up to date on emerging information and research in their related fields.

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