Reiki Energy Healing

The term lesion can extend  to the energetic field as well. Much like osteopathy, energetic lesions can exist in the body in the form of stagnant energy flow in certain areas. The body has 7 main energy centres, or ‘Chakras’, that different frequencies of energy flow through. Each one  of these 7 centres relates to a specific aspect of our being. 

When stress, trauma, people  pleasing, lack of self care, etc occur these centres become congested. When chakra’s are congested you tend to feel a myriad of affects:

  • Lack of energy

  • Looping thoughts and/or self deprecating thoughts

  • Feeling stuck, or lacking vision of how to change your (life)

  • Hyper or hypo expressions of physiology (eg: insomnia/cannot stay awake, no appetite/ cannot stop eating, overly emotional/void  of emotion, etc.

Energetic  lesions can also manifest into physical symptoms if left untreated long enough. Osteopathy pair’s nicely with energy work to clear both sides of a lesion

Common questions about Reiki:

1. What happens during a Reiki  session? 

You will lie down on a massage  table, fully dressed, and be wrapped in blankets. Reiki requires very minimal contact, if any. If your treatment requires physical contact, it is a light full hand touch by the practitioner on the shoulders, back, knees, and feet. 


2. Who is Reiki good for?

EVERYONE! Working through some emotional stuff? Come inHealing an injury? Come in 

Feeling stuck or stagnant?  Come in 

Digestive issues? Come inFeeling foggy and unfocused? Come in

The list goes on and on and  on 


3. What will I feel during reiki?

You can feel a myriad of different  sensations to nothing at all, it all depends on the person. Most commonly felt is a pulsing vibration, relaxation, and often people fall asleep. 

4. How do I maintain the changes  I made during Reiki?

During your session you will  receive insights into why your energy was congested. Doing your own personal work to make sure you are implementing your new found insight will keep you vibing high :) 


5. How often should I get Reiki? “When should I come back?” is the most common question post Reiki session. The frustrating answer  always given is “you will know”. You will intuitively know when you need to come back. The first time hearing this sounds a little ‘woo woo’, but I promise you, you will know it when you feel it. 

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